Sunday, December 30, 2012

i-Tea :)

i - tea. Of course, being the milk tea enthusiast that I am, I had to try
this new tea at Robinson's Galleria :) I ordered Assam Milk Tea with
100% sugar :) it costs P88 :) It was really good, it could be likened
to Bubble tea :) [but of course nothing beats bubble tea haha]

One tip though, choose 110% sugar because the 100% sugar tastes a bit
bland. Yes I know 110% seems too much but trust me, it will taste just right :)


Animo! :)

Few months ago I was complaining, why is it that UST, UP, and
ATENEO have their logos on a 100 peso bill and DLSU doesn't.
I was so happy to see this <3 I'm so proud of my Alma Mater.

Dear La Sallians, lets keep this as a remembrance of the
great education DLSU has bestowed upon us :)



Wallet Recession 16 : Look at me I'm sparklin' :)

Ever since I have started working, it has been hard for me to resist
food and clothes <3 hohoho, that's not good!:) BUT this was a gift from my
sweet boyfriend hahaha I gift that "we" picked out :))

Anyway, here's an elegant black dress that I saw at the SM Dept. store.
Yes, there are a lot of goodies there :) I have blogged about Red Head
before and this one is similar to Red Head :) 

Soiree is the brand name. I don't know how to read it :)
This dress costs 800! Not bad for something that looks this elegant <3
I got the shoes from Primadona  few months back :)
I think it costs around 1k :) Also not bad for
an elegant black pumps :) - A must have for every girl <3

Do visit this amazing clothing line at SM Dept. store :) If you don't
know how to pronounce the name, you can ask the sales ladies for
red head, they are usually located at the same area :)

Happy Shopping<3


Saturday, December 29, 2012

ToastBox : Malaysian Cuisin :)

Toastbox is located inside BreadTalk at Trinoma. You know
the location of National Book Store? There's an escalator near that,
take that going down, you'll see a sign that says Bread Talk, go in,
there you'll see Toastbox :)

There are a lot of things I love about Toastbox. I ordered
the Laksa and one Soft-boiled egg <3 The Laksa tastes PERFECT <3
And of course the soft boiled egg is amazing <3

The Laksa costs around 200+ and the soft boiled egg around 20-30 for
2 pcs :) Yes it's kinda pricey but it's really yummy :)

If I recall well, I have tried their toast and "milk tea" and
it was a delight too!:) 

Two thumbs up!:)


Thursday, December 27, 2012

I-Cup :)

I have been noticing the quirky adds that i-cup have been displaying
all over SM. I have been curious about i-cup ever since then. I had the chance
to try this out few days ago. I was at the food court of SM North Edsa and
it came to mind that i-cup is located there.

From what I remember, the name of my drink was Mixed fruit. The picture
was really deceiving because it looked like there were a lot of actual fruits
inside but reality was there was a very minimal amount of fruits in the drink.
Nevertheless, the drink was amazing! :) It tasted somewhat like pineapple,
but lighter. It was really refreshing :) I enjoyed it!:) It costs around P85 :)

Yep! A definite must try <3


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Yummy Korean Food :)

Ever since I have tasted the yummy Bibimbop at Agno(DLSU), I have been
addicted to Korean food. I have never been a fan of spicy stuff but as I grew more
mature (haha) I eventually came to love spicy food  :)

I have to mention these two amazing "fast food" Korean food. 
First is Kimbob which is located at SM North Edsa Food court.
I tried their Kimbop and it was DELICIOUS <3 
*I know it should be eaten like traditional sushi (with soysauce),
but I like mine with chili paste, try it, it's yummy <3 )

Second is Kim n' Chi. I know this is more famous and I have been loving 
Kim n' Chi for quite sometime already but I have neglected to blog about it.
Their bibimbop and beef stew are both a delight! They have a lot of branches,
I'm not sure about the exhaustive list but I know they have a branch at
Glorietta 3, Robinsons Place, and Robinsons Pioneer :)

They are not that pricey, the price range for both stores are from 120-150 :)

Must try!:) 


Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Tea Farm!:)

Tea farm! When I first heard the name Tea Farm, I envisioned a small
stand that sells milk tea but to my surprise, when we visited Tea Farm (which is along
Paseo De Roxas, Then you will see a building with Pillars on the entrance,
You'll also see a sign board that has the logo of tea farm there), it was a nice
cozy place. I ordered their Pearl Milk tea and a Peanut butter cookie. 

It was amazing! This is my newest favorite Milk Tea place! :) Also, if you
love peanut butter, then you'll love the Peanut butter cookies because it's
a delight:) And by the way, they also sell sandwiches and other food so
you could actually dine there while enjoying your yummy milk tea :)

Two thumbs up!:) A definite MUST TRY <3


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brew.kus :)

I and Mary were wandering off the back side of PhilamLife at Makati and
we came across Brewkus, since it was new to me and I was delighted to see the ambiance that
they have, I made it a point to try their drink :)

I ordered the Green Tea Milk Frost (I'm not sure about the exact name). It was really awesome! 
The top was creamy ( just like cheesecake, yum!) then the green tea was really delicious
too. I have been craving for this even days after I have first tried it.

One down side though, we waited for around 30mins just to get one drink :(
I hope that the service will be better next time!:)

Btw, they have a lot of yummy looking foods - that I also want to try.
It's a bit pricey, around 200-300 per person, but it really looks great, I will try it soon :)


I'm not good at directions so please check this out to know where
they are located: :)

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Vanilla Cupcake Bakery :)

While I was touring Trinoma (as I always do because that is where
I park when I got to work) I saw this adorable place -  Vanilla Cupcake Bakery.
I was drawn to it right away and I saw some interesting cupcakes that I 
wanted to try but of course as I always do, I tried the red velvet cupcake first <3

It was good but I would love to have the top more cream cheese-y and
less sweet :) otherwise it's really good. It's kinda pricey P85 each but
for the ambiance, it's worth it :) I will definitely try the other interesting
cupcakes they have in the near future.

I know 2 branches only, one at Trinoma and one at Glorietta 1:)


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Milk tea in a bottle :)

I'm so sorry if I haven't been blogging much lately,
I have just started working and it has taken up all my time
and energy, but I'm actually enjoying it :)

Alright, so here is something I found very very amusing :)
As I was browsing through the drinks at 7-eleven, I saw this cute
bottle that caught my eye because it looks like milk tea. When I read it,
it IS Milk Tea!!!!!:) Of course, what did I do? I immediately grabbed
one and bought it!:) it's 59 Pesos, and amazing!:) It does not
taste like your typical milk tea in a bottle that tastes artificial.
This actually tastes like milk teas that are freshly brewed and
bought in Milk Tea places <3
**The Most amazing discovery at 7-eleven**

Schlurp yours now <3!


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tea 101 at Robinson's Magnolia :)

I'm not sure about quality control but I'm not a fan of what I drank a while ago. I tried the Milk tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream and it tasted weird. It was not that bad but the milk tea didn't taste good. The Oreo top was really yummy but the milk tea bottom did not compliment that :( I remember trying Wintermelon Milk Tea at the Banawe Branch and it was really great. It may be so that this was just a bad day at Tea 101, just like a false positive :))  I won't recommend the Milk Tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream but I do recommend the Wintermelon Milk tea :)


Saturday, December 1, 2012

Wallet Recession 15 : Green Pants.

Green Pants. I love the items at Red Head which is located at SM Department Stores.
I love this store because they offer amazing clothes at very affordable prices :)
This pants cost P700 :) It's cool to use unique colors once in a while because
it brings out your personality :)


Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake :)

I learned from my sister that the ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen are great, who would've thought
that that knowledge would come in handy today :) I and my friends were at MOA today to celebrate the birthday of three of our blockmates, we were thinking of giving them cake as a present. My first choice was Starbucks but we can't seem to find it then we came across Dairy Queen and then I remembered what my sister said. We checked out the cakes there and turns out they look really yummy and within budget <3 Our eyes fell exactly at the same piece of heaven,
this cookies and cream cake <3 We bought it for P749 (not a bad price for a cake right?:) ).
Super yummy! it's filled with chocolate fudge, cookies and cream ice cream, oreo bits and cream <3 Yep! A definite must try :)


Thursday, November 29, 2012

La Douce Crepe :)

Big yum!

I accompanied my friend in submitting here remaining requirements
at Robinson's Pioneer. This mall is very small with very little variety
of things to do (even the dept store is just one floor!). So when I
got bored already, I wanted to  sit down and drink something, I didn't
want to drink milk tea because I had too much caffeine already so I saw
this yummy crepe place. They have a promo where you buy a crepe,
you get a free iced tea or iced coffee. So I bought a banana crepe
and got the Iced tea :) The banana crepe was sooooo yummy!
it includes a generous serving of banana, whip cream, chocolate ice cream,
syrup, and yum yum yum :) The iced tea was NOT a delight for me
I think they were using Lipton iced tea and I don't like that,
also, crepe and iced tea does not go well together! haha

But the crepe was really really awesome <3

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Something Really Awesome!:)

I have been a fan of this girl ever since I saw here drawings.
If I need any logos or posters, she is always my first choice <3
Mary is very skilled in drawing and choosing color combinations.
If you need logos, posters, ads, you can contact her :) Check out her blog at
the link above <3


Monday, November 26, 2012

Wallet Recession 14 : Cute Dress for Less :)

I have been a fan of Gossip Girl ever since the beginning of time,
I just love the story and also the glam that comes with the TV series.
My fashion style have been very much influenced by this particular
show. One Blair inspired look I had was this pretty blue dress that
I got from Thailand :) The dress costs P375, and the shoes,
I got from Finickee which costs P560 :)

This whole outfit costs only P935, ain't that a great deal?!:)

Share with me good buys that you had, maybe I'll blog
about it sometime :) 

You can get the headband at Mel's Collection ;)

Another great thing about this look is the very low heels.
It gives the elegance of a high-heeled shoe but it gives the comfort
of flats :) You can run around with these babies and your
calf muscles won't get tired :)


Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wallet Recession 13 : Black Ribbon :)

I had a hard time placing the camera where it does not
cut my toes out haha!

This super girly look costs only P645 :) The top is from Thailand
and it costs P375, The gray leggings was from 168 mall (2nd floor)
P120 - again, this was such a great buy because the fabric is so soft and
thick! :) This cute sandals is from Thailand too and it costs P150 :)

I didn't count the headband in the total amount, but this really
cute headband, which by the way could be used as a necklace too, is
from Mel's Collection. This costs P250 :) It's really a good buy 
considering you could use it in two very different outfits :)


Gong Cha Milk Milk Tea :)

I miss Tea Stack so much! That is why I opted to try this drink,
I felt that it was quite expensive, P125 for a single drink without
add-ons, but nevertheless, I gave it a shot! It was awesome! 
It's like drinking milk tea + rock salt and cheese <3

I recommend only 75% sugar because I had mine at a 100
and it was sweet :)

'til next time!:) See you on my next Milk tea adventure <3


Friday, November 23, 2012

Finicky Nail Salon :)

Honestly, there's nothing fancy about Finicky nails but if you want to have a good
time with your girlfriends but you don't want to spend a fortune, then Finicky Nails is
a great choice!:) Their staff are very accommodating and nice, also skilled :)

Manicure and Pedicure costs only P160!:) It's a very good deal for a great
ambiance, not to mention pretty nails <3 so what are you waiting for!
It's time to hang out here <3

Location: Retiro (beside Starbucks)


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wallet Recession 12 : Good buys in the Philippines :)

P280 Necklace from Mel's Collection

Top: Alley walking towards 168 :) - P220
Bottom: 168 Mall 1st floor, old wing :) P180

Boots: Hong Kong :) P200

This whole outfit costs P880 only!:)
It's great to mix up different kinds of designs and looks
and put them all together. Like these shoes, normally
you won't wear something like this with this outfit but
it's cute to mix and match <3


Bubble Tea Place : Japanese Cheese Cake Drink Series :)

I know I have blogged about Bubble Tea already but this is different!:)
I love the Tonkatsu Curry of Bubble tea and this piece of masterpiece
paired with the Japanese Cheese Cake Black Milk Tea is just heavenly!

The "Rock Salt and Cheese" of Happy Lemon is pertained to as Japanese
Cheese Cake and believe me when I say that it really tastes like cheese cake
that is why it is amazing <3 I know a branch at Tomas Morato and Sm Edsa (The Block)
so try it out <3


Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Wallet Recession 11 : Put in a little creativity :)

Sneakers: 168 mall - P200 :)

Top: Thailand, P350.

Leggings: 168 mall, P120.

Yes this whole outfit costs only P670 :) 

Throwing in some creative styling always heightens your own 
brand. Don't be afraid to defy the norm or be a little more
unique than others. If they say that sneakers are for sporty
outfits, I say sneakers are for when I feel like using
them <3


Monday, November 19, 2012

Mint green tea and Wintermelon Mousse at Cha Time :)

Mint Green Tea with Aloe Vera

Wintermelon Mousse

I and my good friend Mary were roaming around Manila
for different reasons and when we wanted to rest already we
opted to rest at a milk tea place which is Cha Time. I wanted
something refreshing and the name "Mint Green Tea" caught
my eye. When I took a sip, I couldn't describe it. I didn't
know if it was tasty or not but one thing's for sure, I
felt refreshed and I liked my drink <3

*For the Wintermelon Mousse, I took a sip just to try
it out, I'm not a fan of the Chocolate Mousse at Cha Time
because it simply does not suite my taste but I know
a lot of people who loves this drink (these people similarly loves
Cocoa rock salt and cheese of Happy Lemon)
and Wintermelon Mousse
tastes just like Chocolate Mousse :)*


Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wallet Recession 10 : One of the biggest savings ever :)

This outfit costs only P420!! Yes there are no lacking zeros
this outfit only costs P420 :) Looks like Cinderella should've
shopped at Thailand so that she won't need magical clothes that will 
disappear on midnight :)

Dress: 150 pesos
Leggings: 120 pesos
Shoes: 150 pesos

The dress and shoes are both from Thailand Platinum Mall, the
leggings came from 168 Mall  (2nd floor). This leggings was such a 
great deal! It was on sale and guess what, it's very thick! It's
the thickest leggings I have ever seen. The quality is really great
I was amazed to find out that it only costs P120.


Wallet Recession 9 : Thailand love :)

I was going for a different look today so I tried this on.
I so love the colors and the aztec print!
Yes you can look oh so cute with just P1100 for a whole outfit!:)

Top: P300, Pants: around P375, Bag: around P250, Shoes: P250.
Everything is from Thailand except the flats, I got it somewhere near DLSU.
Yes Thailand is the best place to shop (even though some may disagree),
One thing's sure, I shopped 'til I dropped :)

Don't worry where you buy your clothes, just make sure you look awesome!:)


Friday, November 16, 2012

Tea Rock :) (Banawe)

Caramel Machiato Milk Tea

Basic Milk Tea

While I was passing through banawe around a month ago, I saw this awesome
name and sign, Tea Rock. Few weeks ago it opened and of course I wouldn't let 
this one pass, I tried it out!:) I ordered their classic milk tea and Ice ordered caramel
machiato milk tea and both were AWESOME! :) The ambiance was great and
also they had a lot of food choices, not just finger foods but actual
meals, I haven't tried them yet but I sure will.

Two things I didn't like:
First, the green chairs. One time while I was peeking from
outside to see the interior, my attention was focused to the
green chairs - it killed the ambiance. Once you go inside,
you will realize that the place actually looks great, it's so cozy :)

Second, the "snarky" comment that I received! When we were
finished ordering our drinks, the lady at the counter told us that
they will serve us our drinks. Very well I thought, then after a moment
my name was called so I went to the counter to pick up my basic
milk tea. Then after a while somebody came and was holding
a drink while saying caramel machiato (We didn't hear any name called)
then she said: "Next time, please get your drinks on the counter, by yourselves."
(not verbatim) I just dismissed this awful comment but it was truly offensive.

I wouldn't let a "snarky" comment spoil Tea Rock. I loved Tea Rock,
their drink was awesome and the ambiance is great - not to mention the location,
because it is very near our house :)) I will definitely go back.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Saint's Alp Teahouse.

I saw a poster of Saint's alp teahouse while I and my boyfriend were
roaming around Robinson's Magnolia. As you all know, I love trying
out milk tea places so of course I wouldn't let this slip!:)

Lucky me that I decided to try it because when I took a sip of their
Basic milk tea, I was out of words! Literally out of words! The
only thing I did was sip, nod, smile, sip, nod, smile.
It tastes like my favorite milk tea from Bubble Tea. 

One cup of milk tea costs 115 here, they have a small cozy place
and oh so lovely chairs <3 Next time you drop by Robinson's
Magnolia, don't forget to try this out <3


Monday, November 12, 2012

J cuppacakes

Oh so delightful <3

I was so drawn to their display <3 It was so cute and fancy :)

Like them on facebook! J Cuppacakes :)

Another stand that I loved was J Cuppacakes, special mention to
their packaging! It's so cute <3 I took a shot at their red velvet and
the taste was great! I only have one dislike, the texture of the cupcake
itself, I don't know how to describe it but the best way I could define
it is that it was too moist. Just a little adjusting and the cupcake will 
be perfect <3