Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Thailand! 2 : Swensen's Ice cream parlor :)

One of my favorite store is this pretty ice cream parlor :) We ordered
the Happy Sundae, I got the Oreo Sundae and it was awesome!
It was filled with cream, cookies and cream, banana, and cookies
and cream flavored ice cream :) I loved is so much because the ambiance
was great and the price was just right (59 Baht) <3


Hello Thailand! 1 : Milk Tea series :)

Thailand is very similar to the Philippines, it is, as I express, "a better Philippines" (even 
the people look like Filipinos :)) I loved Thailand, this is one of the places I weirdly
felt at home and I SHOPPED A LOT <3 A WHOLE LOT! 

As a lover of Milk Tea, I felt overwhelmed when I saw all these Milk tea stores
in almost every corner, I wanted to try all of them but my body could only handle
so much haha. We only stayed for 3 days, so I had limited tummy, limited milk tea but
I surely enjoyed it <3 

Coco was very near our hotel and it has a nice ambiance, the milk tea was okay,
actually their milk teas taste alike :) Very much like Dakasi :)

This is located at the Platinum mall, Thai ice tea :) it was good though
it wasn't my favorite :)

This was the first milk tea I have tasted in Thailand :) This is located also
at the Platinum mall food court :) YUMMY <3

Classic Thai ice tea :)

I love the design of this milk tea store, this is located at I think
Siam Paragon, I forgot already haha so sorry :) It was tasty too :)

Email me for questions about Thailand, I will be happy to answer
them <3

*More Thailand posts to come <3

Friday, October 26, 2012

Snow frosting Nail Polish :)

This is one of the classical nail polish designs that I do. This is my favorite
because it is so elegant and cute and easy to do. I use two nail polishes:
First layer is the transparent layer, I use a transparent nail polish that has
glitters then the second layer, you just paint it on the tip of your fingernails, 
this is the darker glitter. You have to apply it thickly to have this effect :)


Ebun :)

We ate at Ebun (at MOA) during my graduation and it was a delight :) 
The food was great and the ambiance was amazing! I'm so
sorry I wasn't able to take picture of the food because we were
so hungry! Anyways, the food was really good (btw, they serve Filipino
dish) but one thing I didn't like was the service. It took A LONG TIME
to have our food out and also our take-out and bill TOOK A LONG TIME TOO.


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Dream wedding?:)

I have seen it in the movies where girls plan their wedding when they are still young and I just couldn't relate to it! When I was having my hair permed, I went thru some magazines and guess what I found. I don't know what has gotten into me but I started falling in love with these amazing wedding stuff that is why I took a picture of it! I may find it handy in the future! :)

Do you have your wedding all planned out since you were a child, share it with me <3


Sunday, October 21, 2012

love and hope :)

Love everyone even if they are hard to love. 

Always have hope in your heart even when life hits you hard.

There is a reason to love and to hope because God is there for
You and me. He loves us so much, He will always love us :)


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Nomi :)

For the Lasallians, have you tried Nomi? It's the cozy restaurant
near Agno. My favorite there is their Chicken Teriyaki burger. For only
P120, I think or P110, you have a burger, fries, and ice tea :)

They also have amazing drinks like, grape shake with aloe vera! It's really great!:)
Try it out!:) I love this place so much! I will miss Nomi so much!


How to make a girl smile :)

One way to capture a girl's heart is by giving her flowers. Even though if
she ways that she doesn't like flowers because they just die, don't listen to 
that. If the event calls for it (birthdays, monthsaries, anniversaries, valentines, etc).
Receiving a flower is every girl's dream <3

I got this rose from my boyfriend who surprised me when I was out
with my biblestudy mates at Teriyaki Boy. It was our 40th monthsary
and this act really took my breath away :)


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bubble Tea: Best place for milk tea and Japanese food :)

Royal Milk Tea

Tonkatsu Curry

Pork Tonkatsu

This is my TOP 1 FAVORITE Japanese place :)
Great food, great tea, great ambiance, perfect place to stay :)
They have a lot of branches, one at SM Mega Mall, another
at Tomas Morato, SM North Edsa, and a lot more :)

I know they will also be opening at Trinoma so what are you waiting
for try it out :)


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wallet Recession 6: Semi-formal on a budget :)

Guess how much this outfit costs?:) Only P1350 :)
Yes amazingly cheap indeed!:)

Shoes: Primadon - P1k
Dress: Red head - P350

Yes, you could rock a look that is only this cheap on the pocket
but just oh so gorgeous on the outside :)


Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rants about Philippines government?

Two things I've been itching to rant about.

First. I saw this precaution sign at the MRT, observe,
this sign is there to assist the passengers whenever an
emergency happens, but what's written? I DON'T KNOW.
It has been erased beyond readability.

Second. LTO! I just had my Non-pro license a while ago and
I was there from 10AM to 4:20PM! why? I don't know!

I'll soon be part of the tax paying community because
I will be working real soon and I feel like the government
is robbing me because I really don't see where the tax is going.
a HUGE amount of percentage is deducted from your salary
but where are the improvements? I don't know.

Let's take heart and still continue to become good citizens.
We hate corruption and lack of discipline so much all the
more we should be the opposite of that. Don't give money
to police to escape your mistakes, stay true to the process,
pay the right tax! Let's not
seize to pray for our country.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Cupcake Lab :)

I was eyeing this store for a while already. The first time I saw Cupcake
Lab I was itching to try it out but then I restricted myself because I wanted
to drink milk tea that time.

Alas! I tried it a while ago, IT WAS AWESOME! This is actually 
THE BEST red velvet I have tasted :) The cream cheese top 
has the right blend of sourness and sweetness and also the
cupcake itself is so moist and compact. HEAVEN <3
It is kind of pricey, P70 pesos per cupcake but totally worth it!:)

Share your cupcake adventures with me, I will gladly try them if I could :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wallet Recession 5 : Corporate :)

Happy graduation to my fellow graduates :)
Animo LaSalle!:)

Now is the time when we will have a lot of job interviews 
and we have to look presentable, let me share with you 
where I shop to look professional and still have money
in my pocket :)

This whole outfit costs 1900 :) Top: 600, Shoes: 1000.
Pants: 300 :) If you want to look more professional
still you can add the blazer which only costs... P450!:)

top: Liberte (Robinsons Dept. Store)
pants: Landmark
Shoes: Primadona
Blazer: Tutuban 2nd floor :)

God Bless to all :) Feel free to email me if you have
any questions.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drink Tea!:)

My job interview at Chikka was a great opportunity for me
to explore Podium :)) I came across this milk tea store when I
was on my way to buy a sandwich at Subway. As the milk
tea explorer, I had to try this! 

This is one of the best milk teas I have tasted :)

Pearl Milk Tea. ABSOLUTE FAVORITE <3 It was really good, it wasn't
too milky nor too tea-y. It was just the right blend. Notice
above that the sago is red. This is not just coloring, this is what
they call Roselle pearl and it was yummy! it blends well with
the milk tea :)

Green Milk Tea. It was good too but I didn't like the mixture
of the green milk tea with the Roselle pearl, maybe it will
be better off without the pearl :)


It is located at the top most floor of Podium :)


Friday, October 12, 2012

Chocolate Bacon Cupcake :)

I had a job interview again today and as I walked
around Podium to visit the new milk tea store I discovered
yesterday (Drink Tea). I'll blog about it sometime :)

I noticed that there were a lot of mini booths and I was
particularly drawn to this store because of their mini cupcakes :)
of course as I always do, I wanted to try the red velvet cupcake but
the chocolate bacon caught my eye! 

It was amazing!:) The combination of sweetness and saltiness
is just amazing :) check them out:


Freeway Buy 1 get 1 sale :)

I was at Mega Mall again after a job interview and I was
looking for "job appropriate" attires and I chanced upon
Freeway. I only paid 699 for these two awesome dresses!:)

I don't know until when the sale is, so go now :)


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sophie's Mom :)

I had my first ever job interview a while ago and after that I went 
around Mega Mall. I saw Sophie's Mom's booth and immediately,
I was drawn to it. It's like the cuteness and elegance of the stall made
me want to go buy something :)

As you know I love red velvet cupcakes that is why that was my pick.
The cream cheese top was awesome! The cupcake too was great,
it was moist and yummy :) I wasn't fan of the chocolate bottom though.
Other than that, it was awesome! Definitely one of my favorites :)

*Just remove the bottom part and you're good to go :)



Monday, October 8, 2012

Banoffee Pie :)

Banoffee pie from Starbucks :) This is my all-time favorite dessert at Starbucks :)
Have you tried it? you must!:) It has the great combination of banana, caramel,
chocolate, and yummy crust :)


Ted :)

When I saw the movie trailer of this movie,
I already booked tickets on my mind. I loved how
cute the trailer was and the movie didn't disappoint me.

I was laughing almost all throughout the movie and
I also shed a few tears because of some heart felt parts.
It's easy to love this movie because it captures your heart.

It's not just a senseless "oh it's a movie with a cute teddy bear"
it actually has a story.

If you LOVE family guy then I'm sure you will love this,
but if you're not a fan of family guy then you should still give 
this movie a chance because it has the right combination of
comedy and drama :)

**It is R-18 because of all the swearing and that ONE part
but it's just for 5 seconds**


Saturday, October 6, 2012

THE BEST Oatmeal Raisin Cookies :)

Last Saturday, I circled Robinson's Magnolia for 4 hours because I
was waiting for the band practice at church which starts at 8pm.
Enough with the stories, so while I was roaming around, I saw this mini
bakery by the food court and I decided to go and try out their cookies :)

BEST COOKIES EVER <3 Literally, when I had a bite, it was
AMAZING! The sweetness is just right, it was chewy and soft,
and you actually taste oatmeal <3 They have a branch at
Shang and Robinsons Magnolia so try it out <3

btw, I pack (6pcs) costs a 100 - best 100 pesos spent!:)


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salty Caramel :)

I'm really sorry for being a bad blogger, I have been staying at home for
a while that is why I wasn't able to explore the world much :)

I heard from a friend that the new drink of Starbucks is awesome that is why  I
went ahead and tried it and guess what... AWESOME <3
I was hesitant at first because the base was Mocha and I'm not fond of 
Mocha but I just have to try it that is why I did anyways (no regrets :) )

You could have it iced, hot or frappe :) I got mine iced and
it was great :) The subtle taste of saltiness combined with the
sweetness of the Mocha base was just amazing :)

Go try it now <3


P.S. I'm on a 3-day diet that I found in the internet and I'll post whether or not
it is effective ;) stay tuned, 2 more days :)