Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 4 Japanese restaurants :)

I haven't blogged in a long time and I would like to share
something very dear to me, while I have the time!(wee holy week!:) )
I am very fond of Japanese food, in fact, when I was preparing the photos
for this particular blog post, my mouth is watering.. haha!:)

Here we go!

My top 1 is Ariake! They serve authentic Japanese food in a cozy little place
at Tomas Morato, it's near Il Terrazo. If you're familiar with the circle there, it's one slot before Il terazo, it's beside Shakey's. I always order the Seafood Salad(minus the squid + salmon, you can request that).
Best ever <3 - thought I'm not a fan of their rolls :)

 My top 2 is Omakase!:) They have a number of branches, the ones I know
are in Ayala triangle and Il Terrazo :) Their Tuna salad is amazing, also
the Omakase rolls <3 (I'm craving for one now!)

Next in Line is bubble tea :) I don't have a photo of their Tuna salad but it's yummy too :)
I know I have blogged about this cool place a couple of times already but I have to
include it in this post because it's just awesome :)

OOH they recently opened in Trinoma :) Haven't visited it yet!:)

Photo courtesy of: I'm sure I have taken a photo of this delicious treat
but I just can't find it! Anyways, the tuna tartare from Teriyaki boy is amazing! The second best
this I love about it is it's actually cheaper, it's just P155. The Tuna salads for my top 3 all exceed P200 :)

Oh, I haven't eaten at Kimono Ken in a while but they have awesome food
there too :) You can check it out :) It's great to have the time to blog again after
a long time! See you soon.

Questions? feel free to comment ;)