Sunday, August 11, 2013

Vanilla Cupcake and more :)

I had the pleasure of eating at Vanilla Cupcake, Trinoma branch.
I was surprised to see that they added a lot of new food choices
on their menu. Last time I checked they only had 2-3 dishes,
now, I can't even count :)

I had the Chicken Parmigiana and my boyfriend had the Pork
BBQ Ribs :) My dish costs 185 and his 190.
We had the same comment about the food - it was fine.
Nothing special really, not bad but not really good either.

If asked, I would definitely go back because I felt great eating there.
Even though the food was just right, the place made me feel like
I was in a dream land :) Not to mention that their cupcakes
are awesome!:) My favorite is the Vanilla cupcake!:)

Oh, by the way! their Vanilla iced tea tastes AWESOME <3
Come visit Vanilla Cupcake now and enjoy the place ;)


Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stacker's Burger :) Yey or nay?

While the picture in the menu makes your mouth water, let me give you somewhat of a disclaimer.
I and few of my friends went south few days ago to visit our friends that lived there. We went to
Alabang Town Center and decided to eat at Stacker's.

Upon looking at the menu, the picture of the high stacked burgers made our
mouths water but the burgers here are kind of pricey. A single patty burger costs around
180+, going double patty will cost you around 230 +.

I ordered the single patty Cajun burger(the picture shown above). It was
really, really yummy. The mix of salsa-like prepared tomato and saltiness of the burger patty
made a great mix but the downside here is the serving is too small (I wasn't even close
to being full).
When you order the double patty (which is very costly) you'll be a little more

If you're ready to spend near P300 for a burger then go right ahead :)
There burgers taste great but it comes at a high price ;)

Mel :)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Problems with dandruff?:)

I have very dry skin and it includes my scalp. I have tried almost all the famous anti-dandruff
shampoos and it never worked for me. I also tried Nizoral but I find it really expensive. It costs
around 50 pesos per sachet and since my hair is long, I need around 2 sachets and I have to
use it twice or thrice a week just for it to work a bit. 

I was roaming around Landmark and I saw this anti-dandruff cream - Lauat. It costs only
175 pesos :) I tried it out.

I tried it only once and almost 80-90% of my dandruff is instantly gone! Another
plus side to this is, since it nourishes your scalp, it makes your hair smoother
and adds volume :)

P175 is a great deal! Dandruff free + beautiful flowing hair <3

Mel :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Buffalo Wings and Things!

Trivia: They let you sigh a waver you want to avail of the spiciest wings available!

I first had the opportunity to try these awesome wings at Makati. I was thrilled to
find out that they opened near my area - SM North Edsa. They are also about to open a
new branch at Banawe <3

What we ordered were two Combo B's. You will really get your money's worth! It only costs
P199 and this includes wings + rice + ice tea + nachos - Good deal right?:)
The nachos were awesome, the flavor of wings we ordered were garlic parmesan and new york's finest :)
I also added a Buffalo Ranch dip and used it on top of the wings and it tasted great <3
The ice tea was awesome too! It tastes like the ice tea from army navy :) 

ooohh the rice, how will I even start to explain, it tastes like burritoooo <3

I will definitely go back to this awesome place!:) Go ahead, try it out!:)

Mel :)

Monday, May 20, 2013

2 equals 1 :)

How to make your own dress? It's easy!:) Have a top that's similar to this one,
the one that has a garter on the waist area then have a skirt that has a garter
at the top too. Fuse them together - You have a dress <3

What's cool about this is you could mix and match your color and 
design :) Another great thing about this is it's affordable!:) My whole outfit costs

Top: Mel's Collection, Skirt: Mel's Collection, Shoes: Solemate.

Mel :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What the Tea! :)

I came across this interesting tea house because a friend invited
us to have tea at this new place called "What the Tea." Weird name
for a tea place huh? :) I tried out the P.Loz Milk tea, weird name again
haha but it tastes awesome ;) It's actually brown sugar milk tea ;)
I also tried the quail eggs with What the Tea sauce and again
it tastes great :)

I'm loving this tea place because it's spacious and the price of their
tea is a bit cheaper from the norm it's around 60-70 ;)
If you're in the area, try it out sometime!:) It's near banawe, 
near katsu cafe, along the street of bugis - the Singaporean street food :)


Bleu Vanilla :)

Hi guys, have you seen the new cupcake in town? Bleu vanilla
is located at SM The Block. One thing I love about this store is
the box that comes with the cupcake :) It's really smart! The box
opens up so your hands won't get dirty because of the icing ;)

About the cupcake I tried, I'm not a fan but I am looking forward
to trying the other flavors that they have :) Just don't pick this one ;)
It was too sweet and too dry for me :) They have red velvet cupcakes
too, let's try that out next time! tell me what you think ;)

Mel :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Epilator = 1000 tweezers :)

One of the biggest problem that we girls have is hair. Underarm hair, leg hair,
Upper lip hair, bikini line, etc! I know Laser treatment is in nowadays but let me 
share my experience. I have had Laser treatment done (around 12 sessions) and
nothing happened, the hair just grew back and never really went away.
I'm not saying that Laser treatment does not work, I think that it will only fully work
after having 20 or 30 sessions? I'm  just guessing here, but the main point is
it's very expensive! When I had mine done, it was on sale (around 600 per session and this
was on 70% off already) and it was not that cheap,  imagine the original price :o 

This Epilator costs P2,200. Yes it's kinda expensive but one underarm waxing
session costs around P150-250, leg waxing costs a whole lot. At around 2-5 months,
you already have your money's worth! :)

I love this gorgeous invention because it plucks hair out not shave it off!
It's just like tweezers that plucks a lot of hair at the same time.
It leaves your skin smooth and pretty <3
It's very hand! I love it! :)

Mel :)

Toast Box - Laksa and milk tea heaven :)

I have been to toast box quite a few times already before but I never tried their Laksa.
One fateful day, I decided to try it out because I heard that it was good and sure enough
for just P200+ pesos, I'm enjoying the very big serving of Laksa from Toast Box <3
The serving is so big it is enough for two people! :)

Their Iced Milk Tea is also AMAZING! You have to try it out. For me,
it tastes like Hong Kong Milk tea. For only 80-90 pesos you'll surely be more than satisfied!;)

Toast Box has a lot of branches, I know one that is located at Trinoma,
another in Greenbelt 5. I know they are bound to open soon in Robinson's
Magnolia too ;)

Mel :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nihonbashi Tei :)

NihonBashi Tei is a nice authentic Japanese restaurant in Makati :)
They have awesome food! We ordered tempura and spicy tuna salad and it
was AWESOME! :) The serving is really big <3 They added a twist to the
spicy tuna salad that is like no other Japanese resto! It tastes similar to the
chili paste of Korean Bibimbop <3 Yep a definite must try!

Address:  806 Arnaiz Ave, Pasay Road, Makati City, 1223, Metro Manila, Philippines


La Taqueria Amiga Mia :)

Burrito! Priced at P220 :) The serving is actually quite big :)
I ordered the Onion rice + salsa + ground beef. Their burrito
tastes great!:)

Dynamitas!:) Priced at P85. Contrary to the typical dynamitas that
contains a whole green pepper inside, their dynamitas have crushed
green pepper with cheese inside :)

I forgot what this is called but what's cool is the chips are made out of
banana!:) The combination of tomato + sauce is awesome :)

La Taqueria Amiga Mia is a cozy little place that fits around 10-12 people :)
It is located at Sct. Castro, which is near tomas morata! The downside here is that
the parking space is really limited but the food is awesome :)

I had a great time dining there ;)

Mel :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013


If you are a makati person then you'll understand where this is located haha when you enter the enterprise building along makati ave, go out the walk way on watson's side :) just walk and follow the flow of people and you'll see this cute milk tea store ;)
The store smells great because their drinks smell great:) if you are a fan of wintermelon milk tea then you will surely love their mix ;) their basic milk tea is also awesome if you prefer the "milky" side of milk tea:)

Mel :)

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guess who came to cupcake town?


Carrot Cupcake

Have u heard?!
FINALLY, Sonja's cupcakes openned at a place that is accessible to me - glorietta 2!:) 
If you haven'y tried their cupcakes out then you are missing out on so much:) they have one of the best tasting cupcakes:) i was able to try the carrot cupcake and red velvet cupcake, both were superb! I love it:) a definite must try!:)


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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Top 4 Japanese restaurants :)

I haven't blogged in a long time and I would like to share
something very dear to me, while I have the time!(wee holy week!:) )
I am very fond of Japanese food, in fact, when I was preparing the photos
for this particular blog post, my mouth is watering.. haha!:)

Here we go!

My top 1 is Ariake! They serve authentic Japanese food in a cozy little place
at Tomas Morato, it's near Il Terrazo. If you're familiar with the circle there, it's one slot before Il terazo, it's beside Shakey's. I always order the Seafood Salad(minus the squid + salmon, you can request that).
Best ever <3 - thought I'm not a fan of their rolls :)

 My top 2 is Omakase!:) They have a number of branches, the ones I know
are in Ayala triangle and Il Terrazo :) Their Tuna salad is amazing, also
the Omakase rolls <3 (I'm craving for one now!)

Next in Line is bubble tea :) I don't have a photo of their Tuna salad but it's yummy too :)
I know I have blogged about this cool place a couple of times already but I have to
include it in this post because it's just awesome :)

OOH they recently opened in Trinoma :) Haven't visited it yet!:)

Photo courtesy of: I'm sure I have taken a photo of this delicious treat
but I just can't find it! Anyways, the tuna tartare from Teriyaki boy is amazing! The second best
this I love about it is it's actually cheaper, it's just P155. The Tuna salads for my top 3 all exceed P200 :)

Oh, I haven't eaten at Kimono Ken in a while but they have awesome food
there too :) You can check it out :) It's great to have the time to blog again after
a long time! See you soon.

Questions? feel free to comment ;)