Sunday, May 5, 2013

La Taqueria Amiga Mia :)

Burrito! Priced at P220 :) The serving is actually quite big :)
I ordered the Onion rice + salsa + ground beef. Their burrito
tastes great!:)

Dynamitas!:) Priced at P85. Contrary to the typical dynamitas that
contains a whole green pepper inside, their dynamitas have crushed
green pepper with cheese inside :)

I forgot what this is called but what's cool is the chips are made out of
banana!:) The combination of tomato + sauce is awesome :)

La Taqueria Amiga Mia is a cozy little place that fits around 10-12 people :)
It is located at Sct. Castro, which is near tomas morata! The downside here is that
the parking space is really limited but the food is awesome :)

I had a great time dining there ;)

Mel :)

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