Thursday, April 25, 2013


If you are a makati person then you'll understand where this is located haha when you enter the enterprise building along makati ave, go out the walk way on watson's side :) just walk and follow the flow of people and you'll see this cute milk tea store ;)
The store smells great because their drinks smell great:) if you are a fan of wintermelon milk tea then you will surely love their mix ;) their basic milk tea is also awesome if you prefer the "milky" side of milk tea:)

Mel :)

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guess who came to cupcake town?


Carrot Cupcake

Have u heard?!
FINALLY, Sonja's cupcakes openned at a place that is accessible to me - glorietta 2!:) 
If you haven'y tried their cupcakes out then you are missing out on so much:) they have one of the best tasting cupcakes:) i was able to try the carrot cupcake and red velvet cupcake, both were superb! I love it:) a definite must try!:)


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