Sunday, July 28, 2013

Problems with dandruff?:)

I have very dry skin and it includes my scalp. I have tried almost all the famous anti-dandruff
shampoos and it never worked for me. I also tried Nizoral but I find it really expensive. It costs
around 50 pesos per sachet and since my hair is long, I need around 2 sachets and I have to
use it twice or thrice a week just for it to work a bit. 

I was roaming around Landmark and I saw this anti-dandruff cream - Lauat. It costs only
175 pesos :) I tried it out.

I tried it only once and almost 80-90% of my dandruff is instantly gone! Another
plus side to this is, since it nourishes your scalp, it makes your hair smoother
and adds volume :)

P175 is a great deal! Dandruff free + beautiful flowing hair <3

Mel :)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Buffalo Wings and Things!

Trivia: They let you sigh a waver you want to avail of the spiciest wings available!

I first had the opportunity to try these awesome wings at Makati. I was thrilled to
find out that they opened near my area - SM North Edsa. They are also about to open a
new branch at Banawe <3

What we ordered were two Combo B's. You will really get your money's worth! It only costs
P199 and this includes wings + rice + ice tea + nachos - Good deal right?:)
The nachos were awesome, the flavor of wings we ordered were garlic parmesan and new york's finest :)
I also added a Buffalo Ranch dip and used it on top of the wings and it tasted great <3
The ice tea was awesome too! It tastes like the ice tea from army navy :) 

ooohh the rice, how will I even start to explain, it tastes like burritoooo <3

I will definitely go back to this awesome place!:) Go ahead, try it out!:)

Mel :)