Monday, May 20, 2013

2 equals 1 :)

How to make your own dress? It's easy!:) Have a top that's similar to this one,
the one that has a garter on the waist area then have a skirt that has a garter
at the top too. Fuse them together - You have a dress <3

What's cool about this is you could mix and match your color and 
design :) Another great thing about this is it's affordable!:) My whole outfit costs

Top: Mel's Collection, Skirt: Mel's Collection, Shoes: Solemate.

Mel :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

What the Tea! :)

I came across this interesting tea house because a friend invited
us to have tea at this new place called "What the Tea." Weird name
for a tea place huh? :) I tried out the P.Loz Milk tea, weird name again
haha but it tastes awesome ;) It's actually brown sugar milk tea ;)
I also tried the quail eggs with What the Tea sauce and again
it tastes great :)

I'm loving this tea place because it's spacious and the price of their
tea is a bit cheaper from the norm it's around 60-70 ;)
If you're in the area, try it out sometime!:) It's near banawe, 
near katsu cafe, along the street of bugis - the Singaporean street food :)


Bleu Vanilla :)

Hi guys, have you seen the new cupcake in town? Bleu vanilla
is located at SM The Block. One thing I love about this store is
the box that comes with the cupcake :) It's really smart! The box
opens up so your hands won't get dirty because of the icing ;)

About the cupcake I tried, I'm not a fan but I am looking forward
to trying the other flavors that they have :) Just don't pick this one ;)
It was too sweet and too dry for me :) They have red velvet cupcakes
too, let's try that out next time! tell me what you think ;)

Mel :)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Epilator = 1000 tweezers :)

One of the biggest problem that we girls have is hair. Underarm hair, leg hair,
Upper lip hair, bikini line, etc! I know Laser treatment is in nowadays but let me 
share my experience. I have had Laser treatment done (around 12 sessions) and
nothing happened, the hair just grew back and never really went away.
I'm not saying that Laser treatment does not work, I think that it will only fully work
after having 20 or 30 sessions? I'm  just guessing here, but the main point is
it's very expensive! When I had mine done, it was on sale (around 600 per session and this
was on 70% off already) and it was not that cheap,  imagine the original price :o 

This Epilator costs P2,200. Yes it's kinda expensive but one underarm waxing
session costs around P150-250, leg waxing costs a whole lot. At around 2-5 months,
you already have your money's worth! :)

I love this gorgeous invention because it plucks hair out not shave it off!
It's just like tweezers that plucks a lot of hair at the same time.
It leaves your skin smooth and pretty <3
It's very hand! I love it! :)

Mel :)

Toast Box - Laksa and milk tea heaven :)

I have been to toast box quite a few times already before but I never tried their Laksa.
One fateful day, I decided to try it out because I heard that it was good and sure enough
for just P200+ pesos, I'm enjoying the very big serving of Laksa from Toast Box <3
The serving is so big it is enough for two people! :)

Their Iced Milk Tea is also AMAZING! You have to try it out. For me,
it tastes like Hong Kong Milk tea. For only 80-90 pesos you'll surely be more than satisfied!;)

Toast Box has a lot of branches, I know one that is located at Trinoma,
another in Greenbelt 5. I know they are bound to open soon in Robinson's
Magnolia too ;)

Mel :)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Nihonbashi Tei :)

NihonBashi Tei is a nice authentic Japanese restaurant in Makati :)
They have awesome food! We ordered tempura and spicy tuna salad and it
was AWESOME! :) The serving is really big <3 They added a twist to the
spicy tuna salad that is like no other Japanese resto! It tastes similar to the
chili paste of Korean Bibimbop <3 Yep a definite must try!

Address:  806 Arnaiz Ave, Pasay Road, Makati City, 1223, Metro Manila, Philippines


La Taqueria Amiga Mia :)

Burrito! Priced at P220 :) The serving is actually quite big :)
I ordered the Onion rice + salsa + ground beef. Their burrito
tastes great!:)

Dynamitas!:) Priced at P85. Contrary to the typical dynamitas that
contains a whole green pepper inside, their dynamitas have crushed
green pepper with cheese inside :)

I forgot what this is called but what's cool is the chips are made out of
banana!:) The combination of tomato + sauce is awesome :)

La Taqueria Amiga Mia is a cozy little place that fits around 10-12 people :)
It is located at Sct. Castro, which is near tomas morata! The downside here is that
the parking space is really limited but the food is awesome :)

I had a great time dining there ;)

Mel :)