Monday, April 30, 2012

Anvaya Cove, Bataan

Anvaya Cove is one of the best resorts I've been too.
Though the beach is just okay, the whole experience makes up for that.

Anvaya Cove is a private beach (we know someone who's a member).

My most favorite thing are the golf carts!:) The cabins are a bit far from the
"play" area. So in order to go out and about, they offer the convenience of golf carts!
you simple call the front desk, request for a golf cart and wait for 5 mins.
Your special ride arrives in front of your
hotel room!! :)

The beach is clean and they offer a variety of beach sports.
No surfing though cause the waves here are tame.

Oh! did I mention that they have few beautiful pools too which is just beside the beach :)

They also have a variety of outdoor activities (which we all tried out for free).
They have a sign up sheet at the front desk, you simply have to sign up and
follow their schedule and you'll have the chance to try out all the diff activities :)
(zip line, kayaking, rock climbing, etc.)

Here's the beach view :)

Anvaya cove is a bit far and not easy to go to, It's best to drive! :)
Also, non-members (member's guests) are not welcomed during
holidays and weekends! So if you do know someone who is a member
here, do go on weekdays - promise it's worth it ;)