Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wonderland of Nail Polish design :)

I saw this amazing book when I was roaming around SM Department store.
When I chanced upon this amazing thing, there was no second thought-
"I SHOULD BUY THIS!" and I did :)

Here are the top three designs that I love :)

This one is a galaxy print :)

Also they include lots of creative ways to pimp your nail :)
For just P195 you get this book plus 4 free nail polished!:)


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Dakasi Milk Tea Buy 1 Take 1 :)

Dakasi Bubble Milk Tea - It's delicious, you might want to request for
80% sugar 'cause 100% is too sweet :) For those who likes their milk
tea strong, then this is not for you, this tastes milky :)

While I was bored drinking my tea, I noticed their awesome design!:) it's the different
famous buildings/statue/towers :) (eg.g. Taj mahal, statue of liberty, eiffel tower)
it's so artistic I love it <3

Dakasi is a new Milk Tea place and it recently opened in Trinoma.
Guess what! They are offering Buy 1 Take 1 drinks! From Sept 22-Oct 5.
So what are you waiting for? GO :)


Thursday, September 20, 2012

Brilliant Fruit Tea from Happy Lemon :)

I love Happy Lemon and I'm taking a great leap here in saying that I know
you do too :) So here's the catch! I love Happy Lemon's Rock salt and Cheese 
series and I also love the puff cream drinks but I have to give this drink
a recognition. QQ Brilliant Fruit Tea is amazing!:) It is so pulpy,
refreshing and just Oh so yummy!

Yes I dare you to try this - it is amazing <3


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PhotoGrid your mini photobooth :)

I love Android<3 don't you?:) Here's another great app!:)
It's always great to see amazing pictures come together in a cute
neat way :) PhotoGrid is an amazing software that offers that!:)

I have tried a lot of photo editing apps but I didn't like them because they
hang or lag or they don't allow me to move around the pictures that is
why some images are not cut where it should be cut.

PhotoGrid is different! It does not lag, it has a very
user friendly interface and it allows you to
move the pictures around <3

What are you waiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW <3


High neckline :)

If you are wearing a neckline as high as this, I don't recommend wearing
bib necklaces because it will become very overwhelming. You could keep
it simple by wearing a classic necklace :)

This necklace was my mom's birthday gift to me :)


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wallet Recession 4 :)

P500 dress from Jelly bean; Boots P1000 from B-club; cover-up P220;
Sandals from SM dept. store P220.

Left outfit costs: P1720 
Right outfit costs: P940

If you want to go more stylish and you have a little bit more budget,
then go for the left outfit but if you want to tone things down and you have
a little less budget then go for the right outfit <3

Isn't it fun to dress up without having to spend so so much?:)


Monday, September 17, 2012

J. Co Donuts :)

J. Co is so popular now and I wanted to satisfy my curiosity that is why
I went ahead and conquer the long line :))

1. Super soft donut <3
2. Yummy yummy oreo donut <3
3. The variety of flavors :)

1. The LOOOONNGGG line :(
2. The slow catering of the employees :(
3. Many flavors taste alike.

I would surely want to go back IF the line is not this long anymore :))
I waited for 1 hour and I don't think that is worth any donut :))
but nevertheless, I loved their donuts <3

Share by commenting your likes and dislikes about J. Co :)


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Red Velvet Frappe :)

I don't know about you but I have been craving for this baby ever
since I saw it on the poster of Seattle's Best :) Okay, so one day I decided
to try it out!:) It tastes like Brownie javakula :)) it does not taste like red velvet :(

One thing that is a must try at Seattle's best is Javanilla :) Take my word for it!
You have to try it out <3


Spice up your meal :)

I have just graduated and I am getting "school sick", I miss the 
food so badly :( but thanks to that I got to experiment :)
I love a restaurant at EGI taft avenue, LunchBox and I love
their tonkatsu mayo that is why I experimented on mixing things
with Japanese mayo <3 (pls don't do this with the conventional mayo)

It started when I was looking for gravy to go with the chicken my mom cooked
but sadly, there was no gravy left, that was when Japanese Mayo popped in (conveniently
we have a Jap. Mayo inside our ref :)) ) and I did buy seaweeds few weeks ago
because I was planning on making korean food (btw, never happened :)) )

Easy, I just took the chicken, cut in some seaweed and placed Japanese mayo then MIX!
(I ate this for lunch and dinner haha)

So when I was heading home, I was wondering what I could eat given we
don't have food prepared. I still have a hangover of the yummy goodness of chicken
with seaweed and Japanese mayo then I thought, why not DO IT AGAIN,

Yes you have guessed right, it TASTES AMAZING <3
so, what are you waiting for? spice up your meal now,
trust me, it's a delight :)


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Red Velvet CAKE :)

It's my first time to try a red velvet cake and I wasn't disappointed at all <3
This is a definite must try! it tastes amazing <3 

Just don't eat too much because it is kind of sweet :)


Thursday, September 13, 2012

Very berry and Cool lime :)

I know, the new drinks of Starbucks has been out in the open for
quite sometime already but for those who haven't tried it yet, maybe
I could give you a heads up :)

Cool Lime:
Btw, it does not taste like lemonade, actually the taste
is very far from lemonade. I don't know what's in there but
it is really refreshing. It's like ingesting ice because when
you drink up, your throat feels cool :)

Very Berry:
If you are fond of berry drinks then this is exactly for you!
It is a combination of sour and sweet ( just like real berries).
I enjoyed this drink! :) If you are not fond of berries,
then I assure you, this drink is not for you :)


A tribute to my cute little model :)

Happy birthday to the very cute Izabel Andrea Co :) 
So fashionable and model like even at a young age :) <3


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Black sesame Milk tea by Lucky Tea:)

I know I have blogged about Lucky Tea already but this is something new!:) 
I went over there to try something new and my eyes chanced upon Black Sesame Milk tea.
I had no idea what it would taste like but I just gave it a shot!

This is one of the best milk teas I have ever tasteddddd <3 It's like heaven in my mouth!


*if you want to know where Lucky tea is just email me cuz I can't find it at google maps :)

Watch Series Online :)

Check to watch series online :) It's like but it is composed of different series :) IT IS ABSOLUTELY FREE :)

Step 1. I recommend

Step 2.

Step 3. A pop up will appear but don't worry about it, just close it.

Step 4. ENJOY WATCHING <3 (buff it first)

Series such as Friends, How I met your mother, Gossip Girl, etc. are all there <3


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Red Velvet cupcake from Silvanas :)

When I chanced upon Silvanas, I wasn't able to notice it right away
because I knew this brand a long time already and
I thought they didn't have red velvet cupcakes.
When I was on my way out from the food court of Glorietta,
I gave a second look at Silvanas and there it is,

Of course, I love red velvet cupcakes and I see to it that
I taste one when I see one :) Lucky me! IT WAS SO

The only thing I didn't like was that, they don't have a container or those
small boxes where you put a single cupcake, so I had to hold that cupcake
all the way from glorietta to home :)) So if you want to try it, eat it right away!
Though, they have a box when you buy 2 cupcakes :)



Sunday, September 9, 2012

LifeStraw :)

I love innovative things but I have to admit, sometimes these things are just not necessary. I was browsing through my facebook newsfeed and guess what I found! LifeStraw! What caught my attention was kids from obviously marginalized place were drinking water from the sea using a unique looking straw.

I applaud the creator of this LifeStraw. Not only is this innovative but it is USEFUL and to a certain extent, life saving!:) Check out their website for more details :)


Friday, September 7, 2012

Cover ups :)

I love cover ups but I hate how expensive they cost! I found a way to make an article of clothing look like a cover up!:) This blue "cover up" is actually a loose polo (the garment is soft) that costs only P220. I got this from 168, the best thing about this is, you won't see people around wearing something similar to what you have because the real purpose of this shirt is it should be worn as a polo ;)


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Cukay's Cupcakes :)

I saw this yesterday when we were at Greenbelt :) When my eye catches anything that looks like cupcakes, I ALWAYS stop by and check it out. Lucky me, I bought red velvet cupcakes from Cukay's and it was AMAZING!:) They also have different flavors which I think is great too because their red velvet cupcake is just awesome <3

What do you think?:)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Broaster Chicken :)

Broaster Chicken is now at Robinson's Magnolia :) Broaster Chicken was featured on Man vs. Food on TLC :) You could choose to have your chicken extra crispy and instead of wedges, have rice. What's special about their chicken is that it is REALLY juicy :) The down side here is that we waited so long before our food was served and they only allow one small saucer of gravy even if you order two pcs :( if you love juicy chicken then you should try this out ;)


Monday, September 3, 2012

P100 Movie Madness:)

Do you love to watch movies but hate that they are so pricey?:) Then don't worry anymore! Lucky China Town is having an amazing promo, Cinema 1 & 4 (local movie) is only P100 and Cinema (2 & 4) Katy Perry P165 (The Campaign 6pm) and The Possession P135 ONLY <3 So what are you waiting for?:) 

Do you love Katy Perry like me? Amazing enough! Lucky China Town offers this movie at a really cheap price <3 so watch now!:)


Beef Stew :)

I don't go around looking for Beef Stews but there was one time I decided to try it out :) Do you Know House of Kimchi? This has been around for a long time already, I remember ordering here when I was still a kid. Anyways, I tried the Beef Stew and WOW, it's so good! Everytime I go to Lucky China Town, this is where I eat :) 

So, this is a definite must try <3


Sunday, September 2, 2012

Serenitea's New Look :)

Have you visited Serenitea recently?:) They got a new look that adheres to the new law (no plastics):) It's great that they aren't using plastic anymore, I like the new look, it looks cute <3 What is your favorite drink at Serenitea?:) Mine is Hokkaido, 75% sugar, QQ sinkers :)