Monday, May 13, 2013

Epilator = 1000 tweezers :)

One of the biggest problem that we girls have is hair. Underarm hair, leg hair,
Upper lip hair, bikini line, etc! I know Laser treatment is in nowadays but let me 
share my experience. I have had Laser treatment done (around 12 sessions) and
nothing happened, the hair just grew back and never really went away.
I'm not saying that Laser treatment does not work, I think that it will only fully work
after having 20 or 30 sessions? I'm  just guessing here, but the main point is
it's very expensive! When I had mine done, it was on sale (around 600 per session and this
was on 70% off already) and it was not that cheap,  imagine the original price :o 

This Epilator costs P2,200. Yes it's kinda expensive but one underarm waxing
session costs around P150-250, leg waxing costs a whole lot. At around 2-5 months,
you already have your money's worth! :)

I love this gorgeous invention because it plucks hair out not shave it off!
It's just like tweezers that plucks a lot of hair at the same time.
It leaves your skin smooth and pretty <3
It's very hand! I love it! :)

Mel :)


  1. How long have you been using this?

  2. Hi Tisha, I have been using this for around 3 months already :) it's awesome!:)