Saturday, August 3, 2013

Stacker's Burger :) Yey or nay?

While the picture in the menu makes your mouth water, let me give you somewhat of a disclaimer.
I and few of my friends went south few days ago to visit our friends that lived there. We went to
Alabang Town Center and decided to eat at Stacker's.

Upon looking at the menu, the picture of the high stacked burgers made our
mouths water but the burgers here are kind of pricey. A single patty burger costs around
180+, going double patty will cost you around 230 +.

I ordered the single patty Cajun burger(the picture shown above). It was
really, really yummy. The mix of salsa-like prepared tomato and saltiness of the burger patty
made a great mix but the downside here is the serving is too small (I wasn't even close
to being full).
When you order the double patty (which is very costly) you'll be a little more

If you're ready to spend near P300 for a burger then go right ahead :)
There burgers taste great but it comes at a high price ;)

Mel :)

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