Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Rants about Philippines government?

Two things I've been itching to rant about.

First. I saw this precaution sign at the MRT, observe,
this sign is there to assist the passengers whenever an
emergency happens, but what's written? I DON'T KNOW.
It has been erased beyond readability.

Second. LTO! I just had my Non-pro license a while ago and
I was there from 10AM to 4:20PM! why? I don't know!

I'll soon be part of the tax paying community because
I will be working real soon and I feel like the government
is robbing me because I really don't see where the tax is going.
a HUGE amount of percentage is deducted from your salary
but where are the improvements? I don't know.

Let's take heart and still continue to become good citizens.
We hate corruption and lack of discipline so much all the
more we should be the opposite of that. Don't give money
to police to escape your mistakes, stay true to the process,
pay the right tax! Let's not
seize to pray for our country.


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