Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hello Thailand! 1 : Milk Tea series :)

Thailand is very similar to the Philippines, it is, as I express, "a better Philippines" (even 
the people look like Filipinos :)) I loved Thailand, this is one of the places I weirdly
felt at home and I SHOPPED A LOT <3 A WHOLE LOT! 

As a lover of Milk Tea, I felt overwhelmed when I saw all these Milk tea stores
in almost every corner, I wanted to try all of them but my body could only handle
so much haha. We only stayed for 3 days, so I had limited tummy, limited milk tea but
I surely enjoyed it <3 

Coco was very near our hotel and it has a nice ambiance, the milk tea was okay,
actually their milk teas taste alike :) Very much like Dakasi :)

This is located at the Platinum mall, Thai ice tea :) it was good though
it wasn't my favorite :)

This was the first milk tea I have tasted in Thailand :) This is located also
at the Platinum mall food court :) YUMMY <3

Classic Thai ice tea :)

I love the design of this milk tea store, this is located at I think
Siam Paragon, I forgot already haha so sorry :) It was tasty too :)

Email me for questions about Thailand, I will be happy to answer
them <3

*More Thailand posts to come <3


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  2. oooh! marunong nga mag japanese mga taga thailand :D


    ^ ung nakasulat dun sa milk tea :))