Saturday, October 13, 2012

Drink Tea!:)

My job interview at Chikka was a great opportunity for me
to explore Podium :)) I came across this milk tea store when I
was on my way to buy a sandwich at Subway. As the milk
tea explorer, I had to try this! 

This is one of the best milk teas I have tasted :)

Pearl Milk Tea. ABSOLUTE FAVORITE <3 It was really good, it wasn't
too milky nor too tea-y. It was just the right blend. Notice
above that the sago is red. This is not just coloring, this is what
they call Roselle pearl and it was yummy! it blends well with
the milk tea :)

Green Milk Tea. It was good too but I didn't like the mixture
of the green milk tea with the Roselle pearl, maybe it will
be better off without the pearl :)


It is located at the top most floor of Podium :)


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