Sunday, October 14, 2012

Wallet Recession 5 : Corporate :)

Happy graduation to my fellow graduates :)
Animo LaSalle!:)

Now is the time when we will have a lot of job interviews 
and we have to look presentable, let me share with you 
where I shop to look professional and still have money
in my pocket :)

This whole outfit costs 1900 :) Top: 600, Shoes: 1000.
Pants: 300 :) If you want to look more professional
still you can add the blazer which only costs... P450!:)

top: Liberte (Robinsons Dept. Store)
pants: Landmark
Shoes: Primadona
Blazer: Tutuban 2nd floor :)

God Bless to all :) Feel free to email me if you have
any questions.


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