Monday, October 8, 2012

Ted :)

When I saw the movie trailer of this movie,
I already booked tickets on my mind. I loved how
cute the trailer was and the movie didn't disappoint me.

I was laughing almost all throughout the movie and
I also shed a few tears because of some heart felt parts.
It's easy to love this movie because it captures your heart.

It's not just a senseless "oh it's a movie with a cute teddy bear"
it actually has a story.

If you LOVE family guy then I'm sure you will love this,
but if you're not a fan of family guy then you should still give 
this movie a chance because it has the right combination of
comedy and drama :)

**It is R-18 because of all the swearing and that ONE part
but it's just for 5 seconds**


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