Thursday, October 4, 2012

Salty Caramel :)

I'm really sorry for being a bad blogger, I have been staying at home for
a while that is why I wasn't able to explore the world much :)

I heard from a friend that the new drink of Starbucks is awesome that is why  I
went ahead and tried it and guess what... AWESOME <3
I was hesitant at first because the base was Mocha and I'm not fond of 
Mocha but I just have to try it that is why I did anyways (no regrets :) )

You could have it iced, hot or frappe :) I got mine iced and
it was great :) The subtle taste of saltiness combined with the
sweetness of the Mocha base was just amazing :)

Go try it now <3


P.S. I'm on a 3-day diet that I found in the internet and I'll post whether or not
it is effective ;) stay tuned, 2 more days :)

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