Monday, November 19, 2012

Mint green tea and Wintermelon Mousse at Cha Time :)

Mint Green Tea with Aloe Vera

Wintermelon Mousse

I and my good friend Mary were roaming around Manila
for different reasons and when we wanted to rest already we
opted to rest at a milk tea place which is Cha Time. I wanted
something refreshing and the name "Mint Green Tea" caught
my eye. When I took a sip, I couldn't describe it. I didn't
know if it was tasty or not but one thing's for sure, I
felt refreshed and I liked my drink <3

*For the Wintermelon Mousse, I took a sip just to try
it out, I'm not a fan of the Chocolate Mousse at Cha Time
because it simply does not suite my taste but I know
a lot of people who loves this drink (these people similarly loves
Cocoa rock salt and cheese of Happy Lemon)
and Wintermelon Mousse
tastes just like Chocolate Mousse :)*


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