Saturday, November 17, 2012

Wallet Recession 10 : One of the biggest savings ever :)

This outfit costs only P420!! Yes there are no lacking zeros
this outfit only costs P420 :) Looks like Cinderella should've
shopped at Thailand so that she won't need magical clothes that will 
disappear on midnight :)

Dress: 150 pesos
Leggings: 120 pesos
Shoes: 150 pesos

The dress and shoes are both from Thailand Platinum Mall, the
leggings came from 168 Mall  (2nd floor). This leggings was such a 
great deal! It was on sale and guess what, it's very thick! It's
the thickest leggings I have ever seen. The quality is really great
I was amazed to find out that it only costs P120.


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