Sunday, December 23, 2012

Brew.kus :)

I and Mary were wandering off the back side of PhilamLife at Makati and
we came across Brewkus, since it was new to me and I was delighted to see the ambiance that
they have, I made it a point to try their drink :)

I ordered the Green Tea Milk Frost (I'm not sure about the exact name). It was really awesome! 
The top was creamy ( just like cheesecake, yum!) then the green tea was really delicious
too. I have been craving for this even days after I have first tried it.

One down side though, we waited for around 30mins just to get one drink :(
I hope that the service will be better next time!:)

Btw, they have a lot of yummy looking foods - that I also want to try.
It's a bit pricey, around 200-300 per person, but it really looks great, I will try it soon :)


I'm not good at directions so please check this out to know where
they are located: :)

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