Sunday, December 9, 2012

Milk tea in a bottle :)

I'm so sorry if I haven't been blogging much lately,
I have just started working and it has taken up all my time
and energy, but I'm actually enjoying it :)

Alright, so here is something I found very very amusing :)
As I was browsing through the drinks at 7-eleven, I saw this cute
bottle that caught my eye because it looks like milk tea. When I read it,
it IS Milk Tea!!!!!:) Of course, what did I do? I immediately grabbed
one and bought it!:) it's 59 Pesos, and amazing!:) It does not
taste like your typical milk tea in a bottle that tastes artificial.
This actually tastes like milk teas that are freshly brewed and
bought in Milk Tea places <3
**The Most amazing discovery at 7-eleven**

Schlurp yours now <3!


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