Thursday, November 29, 2012

La Douce Crepe :)

Big yum!

I accompanied my friend in submitting here remaining requirements
at Robinson's Pioneer. This mall is very small with very little variety
of things to do (even the dept store is just one floor!). So when I
got bored already, I wanted to  sit down and drink something, I didn't
want to drink milk tea because I had too much caffeine already so I saw
this yummy crepe place. They have a promo where you buy a crepe,
you get a free iced tea or iced coffee. So I bought a banana crepe
and got the Iced tea :) The banana crepe was sooooo yummy!
it includes a generous serving of banana, whip cream, chocolate ice cream,
syrup, and yum yum yum :) The iced tea was NOT a delight for me
I think they were using Lipton iced tea and I don't like that,
also, crepe and iced tea does not go well together! haha

But the crepe was really really awesome <3

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