Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake :)

I learned from my sister that the ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen are great, who would've thought
that that knowledge would come in handy today :) I and my friends were at MOA today to celebrate the birthday of three of our blockmates, we were thinking of giving them cake as a present. My first choice was Starbucks but we can't seem to find it then we came across Dairy Queen and then I remembered what my sister said. We checked out the cakes there and turns out they look really yummy and within budget <3 Our eyes fell exactly at the same piece of heaven,
this cookies and cream cake <3 We bought it for P749 (not a bad price for a cake right?:) ).
Super yummy! it's filled with chocolate fudge, cookies and cream ice cream, oreo bits and cream <3 Yep! A definite must try :)


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