Sunday, December 30, 2012

Wallet Recession 16 : Look at me I'm sparklin' :)

Ever since I have started working, it has been hard for me to resist
food and clothes <3 hohoho, that's not good!:) BUT this was a gift from my
sweet boyfriend hahaha I gift that "we" picked out :))

Anyway, here's an elegant black dress that I saw at the SM Dept. store.
Yes, there are a lot of goodies there :) I have blogged about Red Head
before and this one is similar to Red Head :) 

Soiree is the brand name. I don't know how to read it :)
This dress costs 800! Not bad for something that looks this elegant <3
I got the shoes from Primadona  few months back :)
I think it costs around 1k :) Also not bad for
an elegant black pumps :) - A must have for every girl <3

Do visit this amazing clothing line at SM Dept. store :) If you don't
know how to pronounce the name, you can ask the sales ladies for
red head, they are usually located at the same area :)

Happy Shopping<3


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