Saturday, November 24, 2012

Wallet Recession 13 : Black Ribbon :)

I had a hard time placing the camera where it does not
cut my toes out haha!

This super girly look costs only P645 :) The top is from Thailand
and it costs P375, The gray leggings was from 168 mall (2nd floor)
P120 - again, this was such a great buy because the fabric is so soft and
thick! :) This cute sandals is from Thailand too and it costs P150 :)

I didn't count the headband in the total amount, but this really
cute headband, which by the way could be used as a necklace too, is
from Mel's Collection. This costs P250 :) It's really a good buy 
considering you could use it in two very different outfits :)


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