Friday, November 16, 2012

Tea Rock :) (Banawe)

Caramel Machiato Milk Tea

Basic Milk Tea

While I was passing through banawe around a month ago, I saw this awesome
name and sign, Tea Rock. Few weeks ago it opened and of course I wouldn't let 
this one pass, I tried it out!:) I ordered their classic milk tea and Ice ordered caramel
machiato milk tea and both were AWESOME! :) The ambiance was great and
also they had a lot of food choices, not just finger foods but actual
meals, I haven't tried them yet but I sure will.

Two things I didn't like:
First, the green chairs. One time while I was peeking from
outside to see the interior, my attention was focused to the
green chairs - it killed the ambiance. Once you go inside,
you will realize that the place actually looks great, it's so cozy :)

Second, the "snarky" comment that I received! When we were
finished ordering our drinks, the lady at the counter told us that
they will serve us our drinks. Very well I thought, then after a moment
my name was called so I went to the counter to pick up my basic
milk tea. Then after a while somebody came and was holding
a drink while saying caramel machiato (We didn't hear any name called)
then she said: "Next time, please get your drinks on the counter, by yourselves."
(not verbatim) I just dismissed this awful comment but it was truly offensive.

I wouldn't let a "snarky" comment spoil Tea Rock. I loved Tea Rock,
their drink was awesome and the ambiance is great - not to mention the location,
because it is very near our house :)) I will definitely go back.


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