Monday, August 13, 2012

Who loves forever 21?:)

I DO! I love Forever 21, whenever I go inside a Forever 21 store, my heart falls down to the ground, there are simply so many beautiful things! BUT, my problem is, the clothes are really expensive :( and I'm not fond of spending a lot on clothes even though I love dressing up. Here is a tip for you :) You see this AMAZING TOP?

I got this only for P445, cause it was on SALE, 50% OFF!:) The tip here is, if you definitely find the clothes at forever 21 amazing, go there when they have a BIG sale, not those mini sales that they have from time to time, but the BIG sale which is, most often than not, announced weeks before. The deals you will get are really awesome!:) I know P445 is not very cheap but look at the fabric and intricacy of the design, it is really worth it :) So what are you waiting for? Are you heading to the next sale of Forever 21? I hope you do <3

xx, Mel.

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