Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lai-An (Milk tea store)

 Lai An in Chinese means let peace come :) This is a new milk tea place
in Del Monte. If you are familiar with Ace Water spa, Lai An is exactly 
opposite ace water spa :) What I like about this place is that, aside from
Drinks, they have a LOT, I mean a lot of food selection :) They have
cakes, crepes, hamburgers, etc. I ordered the Classic Milk tea, it was
okay, tip is if you order this I guess you could ask the person to add
more tea cause the one I tasted definitely lacks the taste of tea :) but
other than that, its okay :) The red velvet cake is good too but it tastes
a little like ube cake but it is yummy :) 
Try it out, they have a lot more cake and drink selection :)

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