Saturday, August 18, 2012

Milk tea with Oreo Cookies and Cream

Two new things I learned from Happy Lemon today. First is that they have a frequency card now, AT LAST but then sadly, you don't get a free drink when you fill it up, you get a free upsize during the 6th drink and a free Happy Lemon collectible after your 12th drink which is still kinda' cool :)
Okay so, I know that Rock Salt and Cheese drinks are the must try a at Happy Lemon (and yes they are my favorite too) but recently, I came to love puff cream! You see that yummy looking white cream at the bottom of the cup? That is puff cream! Try it out, it is yummy! After finishing my drink, I still kept on drinking because I didn't want to waste any oreo puff cream <3

* More milk tea adventures in the coming week, I hope <3 *

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