Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wallet Recession :)

Girl next door look          -         Girly meets rocker look
         I love to dress up but I don't like having my wallet go through recession! Guess how much this whole outfit costs?:) The Girl next door look costs only P750 (250-dress; 500-shoes). The Girly meets rocker look costs a bit more but still it is on budget :) P1500 (250-dress; 250-jacket; 1000-boots). You don't have to look for branded things in order to look good, you just have to wear whatever you want to, whatever you feel looks great on you, whatever gives you confidence ;) You should define who you are :)
          I was able to buy the open-toed sandals at Schu, on sale :) The boots is from B-Club, the jacket is from Liberte (Robinsons Dept. Store). Dress? I'm going to keep it a secret first, I'll keep where I buy clothes as a suspense first :)

What are your beauty secrets? care to share?:)


Stay tuned: Next post will be about how to make wicked oreos :)

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