Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Girl with a tattoo

If you see a girl with a tattoo, what comes to your mind?
If I ask you, what do you think makes a person decide to get a tattoo?

A little intro:
Where I was raised, nobody has a tattoo and I can confidently say that nobody in our circle will even think of getting a tattoo (except for eyebrow tats haha)

Hi I'm Mel, I recently got a tattoo as a rebellious act - just kidding! hahaha! I want to share with you why I got a tattoo in hopes of convincing you to get one too because I'm opening a tattoo parlor - just kidding again!
Here's the real deal, here I go! Years ago, I started to fancy the idea of getting a tattoo because I thought it looked cute. As I was actually considering lifting my bottom and heading to a tattoo parlor, it went from wanting it because it looked cute to wanting something that will remind me or mean a great significance - cause after all it's permanent!
It took me months to choose what and where to put the tattoo. Choosing a design vs actually scheduling an appointment with the tattoo parlor was a really big step! What made me finally say yes to pushing through was, I wanted to remind myself to never stop living. Never stop pushing myself to do something I want and to not second guess everything! I wanted to take a risk. It wasn't so much what I got tattooed on my body but more of me, actually showing up.
For me, it wasn't just a matter of "I wanted to design my body with something to remind me of something." It was more of an accomplishment that this time, I chose to live. I chose to take the risk and just went ahead and live life because as we all have well memorized "life is short."

Some notes though:
I won't recommend the tattoo artist that did my tats because he has attitude and we all suffered a tattoo blowout (when the ink goes deep and creates a blue halo around the tattoo because the artist pressed the needle too deep) and mine looked the worst because it's really obvious. I had the blowout removed via laser it and got a little better - one more session and I believe it will look as though there was no blowout at all! Thanks to Oasis Tattoo Removal.
Laser place: Oasis Tattoo Removal

If you want to know more about tattoos, blowouts and laser removal feel free to message me! :)



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