Sunday, November 11, 2012

NBI Clearance and SSS :)

Hello to the pre-employment era. I have been dreading this day ever since
I have heard from my siblings the needle that they had to pass through in order
to fulfill the requirements for pre-employment. I can't believe that time has
flew so fast and it is now my turn to get these requirements.
Two things that companies usually require you to get are the NBI clearance
and an SSS number.

*Took me less than 1 hour, I got there around 7am :), Caloocan branch*
*I went there Monday, Nov. 12*

What to bring:
1. Photo copy of birth certificate (make sure that it is photo copied well)
2. Original copy of birth certificate (just for verification)
3. You could bring 2 valid ID's if you don't have a birth certificate at hand.
4. Black ballpen.

What to do:
1. Get a form at counter 1 (or ask the guard where the forms are).
2. Fill it up.
3. Check the labels, line up at the right lane. (different forms have different lanes)
4. If it's your turn already, do thumb prints as soon as you sit down. (or as instructed)
5. Wait for them to print your SS number.

1. I arrived around 7 am, they were open already.
2. I did the processing at Caloocan, few people, fast processing :)
3. The Caloocan branch is very near Monumento lrt station, just ride a jeep that has
the label Munoz, go down near the overpass, cross that and SSS is there.

*Took me less than 1 hour, got there around 9 am, Main Branch - U.N. Avenue*
*I went there Monday, Nov. 12*

What to bring:
1. Food and water.
2. Black ballpen.
3. 1 Valid ID.

What to do:
1. Get a form right away.
2. Run to the queue, girls and guys have different queues so take note of that.
3. Fill up the form. Don't forget to fill everything up. (Especially the box for ID presented)
4. Just follow the progression of the line, the instructions posted are very clear,
you won't get lost. Every counter has an instruction regarding where to go and what to do next.

Flow of events:
1. Get form and fill it up
2. Data verification (Employees here will check the data you have filled up)
3. Payment (Check their website for details, local employment costs P115)
4. Encoding
5. Biometrics and Picture taking.

1. Wear appropriate clothes, don't wear shorts, sando, slippers, you won't be allowed in.
2. Bring food! You'll go hungry
3. Don't be fooled, many people will sell you many things (envelope, shoes) Don't buy! you don't need any of them!
4. Don't piss the guides, follow their instructions :)
5. Btw, I went to the main which is located at U.N. Avenue, which is a very
short walking distance from the lrt.
6. You'll be able to claim the clearance on the same day if you don't
have somebody who has the same name with you.
7. If your name has a hit(somebody has the same name with you), you'll get it 
a week after but don't fret, you can have lbc deliver it to you for P85 :)

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