Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cupcake Boutique

As I have mentioned, I went to a food bazaar yesterday and this is 
the other booth that I love. When I got there, I was immediately drawn
to this classy, nice looking cupcake display which you could see above.
They displayed their beautiful cupcakes in a transparent glass that
made the cupcakes glow like diamond :) Red velvet was my first choice 
but then I saw the Frosted Raspberry and that shook my choice.

I opted to buy the raspberry cupcake because it was unique and
also they had a free taste for the red velvet cupcake and IT WAS 
JUST AMAZING <3 This is my new found favorite red velvet <3

The Frosted Raspberry was also good, it tastes unique. The icing
had a hint of raspberry but not sweet, it's kind of salty and the
cupcake body was also perfectly moist and soft and the lemon
taste was just right.

Bottom line, I so love Cupcake Boutique and if I encountered them
again next time, I will surely buy again! <3


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