Saturday, February 16, 2013

The Sandwich guy :)

I have been drawn to The Sandwich Guy ever since I tried 
their banana with peanut butter sandwich <3

Lately I have been craving for sandwiches a lot and this little guy
right here is very near our office. I have tried their English Breakfast
Sandwich, Tuna Sandwich, Angry Beef Sandwich, Peanut butter and banana
sandwich, Italian Sandwich :)
All of which I loved (except the Italian sandwich)
They serve sandwiches with wheat bread that is why it is healthy and less
fattening (of course if you order the one with peanut butter then that's a different
situation haha). O! I especially like the english breakfast sandwich and the
angry beef <3 The angry beef contains chili con carne which
is just soooo yummy <3 (uh-oh it's making my mouth water)!

Next time you come across this store, be sure to try it out alright?
It's really yummy and affordable!:)


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