Saturday, January 5, 2013

Top 6 red velvet cupcakes:)

In my quest to find the yummiest Red Velvet cupcakes in the Philippines,
I would like to give an update to all my readers :)
These are the red velvet cupcakes I equally love :) It's hard to rank them
from 1-6 because they all taste amazing <3

Cupcake Boutique :)

Cukay's Cupcakes :)

Cupcake Lab

Moonleaf near Harrison plaza, at City square :)

Sophie's Mom :)

Flipped, Taft Avenue, Archer's building :)

My quest for tasty cupcakes, milk teas, red velvets, actually anything that
is amazing is still on. I love sharing these amazing experiences and findings with
all of you guys <3

Happy new year!:)


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  1. I hope you put their respective store locations, too :)