Thursday, January 3, 2013

Serenitea's Christmas Tea Drink :)

I love Serenitea so much and I decided to visit it a while ago.
I saw the poster where they are offering their "Christmas drinks."
As you know I'm very adventurous when it comes to Milk teas so I decided
to try this new drink. I remember thinking, "finally! Serenitea has their own
version of rock salt and cheese." Sure enought I tried the Christmas Tea drink :)

Looks yummy right? The only thing that tastes good here is the
kitkat stick! I'm so sorry to say this but this drink sucks. I didn't finish it -
I couldn't finish it even if I tried. I wanted to finish it because it costs P135,
but I just can't, it doesn't taste good. I didn't get my money's worth at all!

The cream cheese on top actually tastes amazing but the
peppermint bottom does not compliment that at all!

No no to this drink! I have to go back to Hokkaido :)
I sure wish Serenitea will try to make a new version of this drink
because I really love the taste of the cream cheese top <3


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