Friday, January 25, 2013

Carrot Cupcake :)

I have blogged about The House of Sylvannas already,
their cupcake is part of my favorite red velvets <3 Recently,
I noticed that they have carrot cupcakes too. I'm also a lover
of carrot cupcakes that is why I went ahead and tried it!:)
It has a very reasonable price, at P46 you have this amazing
tasting little heaven<3

I loved it so much! I actually love it better than the red velvet cupcake
at House of Sylavannas :)

For those who don't eat carrot cupcakes/cakes because they
don't like carrots or can't imagine how carrots could be used
as desserts, well, good news for you, these cupcakes or cakes
don't taste like carrots at all! hahahaha

Try one now!:)

Oh, before I forget, House of Sylvannas is located at the food court
of Glorietta 4 :) It's under the escalator :)

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