Sunday, November 4, 2012

The Starbucks news :)

Passion Ice Tea. My favorite drink. You always have to ask the barista
regarding the Ice Tea flavor of the day because they only brew one
flavor a day :)

Yummy Dark Cherry Sylvanas! A new dessert at Starbucks!
The miss of fudge chocolate and the yummy Sylvanas body is
so great!:) 

Hello to the new Starbucks Planner!:) Christmas Season has arrived again
and the Christmas drinks + the planner is back! The planner is so cute <3
Starbucks included a new clause for winning a planner, you can buy 5k worth
of GCs and you'll automatically get a planner. Yes 5k is big but if you think about it,
it's alright because you can use these GCs as Christmas gifts!:)

Visit Starbucks now <3


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