Friday, July 13, 2012

Fruitful day :)

Vest: Mirror; Shorts: Gift; Sandals: Jesse(Robinson's Dept. store);
Lipsticks: Penshoppe; Necklace: Mel's Collection.

I had fun today, I felt like I did a lot of fruitful things.
I went to school because I had a meeting with
Miss Tessie, my "boss" (because I am currently her
research assistant). She's really cool and kind, she always
lightens the mood, I love being with people like that <3
Then me and mary proceeded to finish our thesis(YEAHY!
I can smell the diploma already haha) We also went
to CSB-ST.SCHO area to buy milk tea from AffiniTea
our new found love, I will post about AffiniTea
sometime ;) After that, we proceeded to record our improved
version of payphone and secrets :>

Then it rained SOOOO hard when I was going
home, I had to go through a lot of flooded areas,
my feet died X_X but I'm thankful that the
Lord brought us home safely :)

How was your day, did you get flooded?:(
xx, Mel.

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