Saturday, June 23, 2012

So excited for Jayesslee :)

Because I was so excited to watch Jayesslee I wasn't able to concentrate on
doing an outfit post :)) Anyway, here it is:) 
I have wore this already in a post I did before but the difference is I wore
it as a dress.

When you want to mix and match,you could fold the dress inward (making it shorter)
and hold it in with safety pins, then wear leggings. This will allow you to have a different
feel for your "dress." You just converted your dress into a blouse :)

**The reason I learned doing this is because I don't like wearing dress or skirts
to school because I just commute, this is the reason why I looked for a way to
still use my dress without using them as a dress, here is the answer :D**

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