Tuesday, June 19, 2012

School Girl :)

Every since, computer science students are accused of having our own planet the Goks planet because our building is separate from the main building, but for us CS students, we have learned to love this building and we hate classes that are outside Goks (except for the guys, they want classes with CLA students there, if you know what i mean :)) )

 Top: Red Logo; Necklace: China
Shoes: Thailand; Ring: Mel's Collection.

I wasn't able to put on any make-up because
I left my lipstick bag at home! haha I feel like putting
on make-up without lipstick is just incomplete, that is
why I opted not to put any make-up :)

Thank you again mary, my band mate, thesis mate,
friend, block mate for taking the pictures:)

Worshiping the Lord is not about
raising your hands, singing choruses or
hymns or contemporary songs; Worship is about
you adoring God, showing your reverence to
Him, telling Him how much you love and adore
Him - it is about You and God (your relationship).

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