Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mahogany Hair :)

Jacket: Liberte; Necklace: Mel's Collection; Bag: China; Boots: BClub

Let me blog about Liberte for a sec. I so love this brand,
which could be seen inside Robinson Dept. Stores. 
I love their items, it's so trendy and the price is just right.
Imagine I got this jacket at only 199 (it was on sale!); their
normal items range from 200-up, it's worth it!:)
*If you love fashion Robinson's Dept. store is a great
place to look for cheap nice clothes ;)*

BTW, I'm loving my new hair color, but i'm thinking
of coloring it a bit lighter red, not the shocking red
but just a little bit lighter than this one :) 
What do you think?:)


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