Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Velvet Cupcake + Green Tea RSC + ziti is love <3
Green Tea rock salt cheese from happy lemon!:) Yes you can ask them to separate the cream from the tea so that it will not get all mixed up when you drink it at home :)

 Red Velvet cupcakes from Blushing Cupcakes @ Sm sky garden!
Haven't tried it out yet but I'm very excited to do soooo <3 Red velvet cupcakes
are my favorite!!

 Sbarro's Ziti is the best! Haven't had this since like forever because of
my diet, haha today is super cheat daaayy! <3

I was really thrilled and surprised to receive all these from my love :)
It is all so overwhelming and I appreciate it so much <3
All my favorites in one day, one AWESOME meal! <3
Thank you >:D< Few hours til our 35th monthsary :)


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