Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Girl time :)

I, my cousin, and my little sister had a little girl time at home a while ago :)
yes this is my nail polish collection!:)) and yes you can borrow from me :>

I downloaded an app from android, "nail, hair, and makeup" app and
the app contains different styles for hair nail and makeup. 
I looked up the images for nail polish and I fell in love with this :)

How to:
1) Put the tip first (purple nail polish)
2) Put the pink base when the tip is dry.
*No need for perfect straight line, just go with it :)
3) Next, put on some shiny purple dots.
4) Using a black nail art pen, draw an outline around the
shiny purple dots, don't be too particular, 
just go with it, making it look like animal print :)
5) Flaunt your nails :)

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