Wednesday, April 15, 2015

I hate cats because I'm a dog person?

I often hear people say "Oh, your cat is cute but I don't like cats because I'm more of a dog person"

After asking these people questions like, have you ever had any immerse encounter with any cats? have you ever taken care of a cat? have you ever had a cat as a pet? All answers usually lead to no. So the follow up question I have in my mind that I use all my effort not to spit out is "SO HOW DO YOU KNOW YOU HATE CATS?!"

Let me share my story:

I love pets. Ever since I was a kid, I've always been fond of pets (mammals). I was never afraid of them, I loved to look at them, touch them, play with them.
In our family we never had cats the only pet I actually knew were dogs. This led me to think and claim that I'm a dog person. I LOVE DOGS. When I visit a house or a place with a dog, you will find me sitting on the floor beside the dog, playing with it and pouring all my love to it!

During these times when asked I would always label myself as a Dog Person and would often claim that I don't like cats because they are moody (i thought), you can't pet them (i thought), they don't acknowledge owners (i thought) and that they are not sweet (again! i thought) - and yes you guessed right! needless to say I never had a pet cat when I claimed these things.

Before I continue on babbling (so that you won't exit this blog post haha) let me show you pictures of our cats:

Everybody, this is Cheetos (Persian Cat)

Now, this is Heisenberg (Exotic Shorthair)

Okay I'll continue babbling now haha.

My boyfriend (now fiance) is a much bigger pet lover than me. So much so his first option during college was to become a vet. We got our first cat (Cheetos) last year July 2014. We got her (which we thought was a him) from a friend who has persian cats and have recently gave birth to this incredible fella.

I FELL IN LOVE <3 During her first few days with us, I was afraid to pet her because my impression of cats is that they are very moody and might bite me for no reason. To hell with these misconceptions. I'm not saying cats don't bite - they do. They have teeth and they are still animals but domestic and well cared for cats are very very VERY VERY VERY affectionate and loving. She's the most huggable and sweet pet I have ever encountered. Don't get me wrong I know how sweet dogs can be but have you encountered the sweetness of cats? It's different.

In just a few days I unintentionally converted from being a dog person to a cat person (well i still love dogs). After almost a year of taking care of this amazing creature we decided to get a new cat. An exotic shorthair this time. I looked up and joined cat groups online and asked where I could get an exotic shorthair. Well and good somebody recommended Enchantress Cattery. I looked at their pics and I fell in love with this little one right here. We bought a him this time :) We got him last April 4, 2015 <3 He's also the sweetest and most lovable creature on earth. We named him Heisenberg (we're big fans of Breaking bad). 

More pictures of our loves:
"I wanna sleep all day and party(?) no sleep all night as well"

"hello world!"


"I love to sleep beside the expensive bed you bought for me"

"We're a bit friends now, not yet best friends but about to be!"

P.S. I am not a crazy old cat lady =)) 
If you are interested in having cats do message me maybe I could give you advise and help you out base on our experience <3